The Isle of Thanet, and Broadstairs in particular, has a long and rich connection with literary figures – Charles Dickens, Frank Richards, John Buchan, Jane Austen, TS Eliot and Sir John Betjeman to name but a few. Charles Dickens visited Broadstairs often, staying at Bleak House (previously called Fort House) and based a number of his characters on the town’s residents – as an example, the Dickens House Museum was occupied by Mary Strong, who Charles Dickens used as the basis for Betsey Trotwood in “David Copperfield”.

Set up by a small group of volunteers as a not-for-profit organisation to celebrate our literary heritage, BroadstairsLit aims to host regular gatherings of writers and readers, typically bi-monthly, with the primary objectives of

  • promoting the authors’ books and fostering a love of literature and writing
  • giving audiences a unique opportunity to hear from authors they admire, but to also discover new voices, ideas and experiences too
  • engaging local groups (writing groups, poets etc.) at various events as and when appropriate
  • being inclusive and diverse, welcoming to all ages, while keeping our events affordable.

In august 2017 Jez Hulme, Broadstairs’ own podcaster interviewed Denise Martin-Harker about the formation of BroadstairsLit.  Listen here.

Jez Hulme podcast & YouTube publisher has broadcast over 30 podcasts covering stories relating to people & events in the local area  under the banner ‘Thanet Stories’.

What one of our special guests said about BroadstairsLit:

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